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Sleep Apnea Smithtown, NY

Do you suffer from severe snoring or have difficulty breathing at night? If so, you may have sleep apnea. A partially obstructed airway during sleep can result in loud and constant snoring and may affect those around you. In some cases, the interruption of regular breathing patterns and possible stoppage of breathing, is commonly referred to as obstructive sleep apnea. These issues can be hazardous to your health but your dentist can help.

How can your dentist help?

Your dentist can provide you with a range of solutions to reduce or correct sleep apnea. In order to get an understanding of your condition an initial consultation is necessary. After a review of your oral needs your dentist will provide a treatment plan specifically tailored to you. One of the most common and highly effective treatments is a custom made mouth guard to maintain proper jaw position during sleep, increasing airflow and resulting in a more restful sleep with less interruption.

If you want a deeper sleep, more energy, and a healthier body don’t hesitate to contact us and set up a sleep apnea consultation!

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Sleep Apnea Treatment Near Me

Have you ever woken up feeling like you didn’t get a minute’s worth of sleep last night; you have a throbbing headache, and you’re being berated for snoring all night long?

Yes, yes, and yes.

You probably already know that you suffer from a potentially serious breathing disorder known as sleep apnea – a condition wherein you temporarily stop breathing during the night. You’ll wake up feeling tired, irritable, and would probably doze off in the middle of the day!

Sleep apnea can take a toll on your physical and mental health, but there’s a way to keep the condition from turning serious. No, we’re not talking about the big, uncomfortable CPAP machine – don’t worry!

What are we talking about then?

Oral appliances!

What Is An Oral Appliance And How Does It Work?

An oral appliance is custom-built and works by essentially realigning the jaw to open the airway. Your dentist will start off by asking you a few questions related to your condition, co-existing ailments, and general physical health. They might also perform a sleep examination, and ask a partner to verify your sleeping habits.

What To Expect During Your Appointment?

Here are a few things you should expect when going in to get an oral appliance made:

  • The dentist will ask you to fill a questionnaire related to your sleeping habits
  • You’ll be asked to cooperate for a physical exam
  • An impression, that is a negative reproduction, of your oral cavity will be taken
  • A cast, that is a positive reproduction, of your oral cavity will be made
  • A unique oral appliance will be made based on the dimensions of the cast
  • The entire process might take between two to three visits – so, heads up!

What Makes An Oral Appliance An Alternative To A CPAP?

Sleep should be peaceful and relaxing, not disjointed and restless. If it is difficult to comply with a CPAP, an oral appliance is a great alternative treatment modality to better improve your sleep. An oral appliance is custom-built which means its unique to you and your needs. It’s not big, and bulky at all. Think of it like a retainer – it might take a minute to get used to, but once you do, you won’t even know it’s there!

What To Expect During Your Follow-Up?

An oral appliance isn’t a definite sleep apnea treatment, it’s a balancing device. That is, the oral appliance can get you to sleep peacefully at night.

However, you will be required to come in for a few follow-up visits. Why? Because the dentist needs to evaluate your sleeping status post-insertion, or whether the device is causing any problems.

What problems?

  • An ill-fitting oral appliance can cause pain
  • An oral appliance that’s over-extended into the gums would cause ulceration
  • An oral appliance that hasn’t been smoothed out perfectly might cause lacerations

Haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a while? We’ve got your back! Contact us today to get a consultation!

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