It doesn’t take much to spot someone undergoing orthodontic therapy; traditional metallic braces are very noticeable. However, metallic aligners aren’t the only treatment options available for people looking to improve their smiles. Invisalign are invisible aligners that adjust snugly onto your teeth and relieve mild to moderate spacing in between them.

Invisalign are custom-built braces made up of sturdy plastic-like material that can be placed and taken off by the patients at will. Today, well over three million people in the United States wear clear aligners for orthodontic therapy.

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What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a brand name for clear aligners manufactured by Align Technologies in the US. Its production was met with some controversy though – while braces seemed to be doing their job just fine, people felt more self-conscious about their smiles than before because of how visible braces are. And so, clear or invisible aligners were – and are – a great alternative.

An Invisalign is a clear aligner made up of sturdy plastic-like material. They fit snugly onto your teeth and correct mild and minor malalignment and spacing conditions – usually from one to six millimetres.

Are Invisalign Better Than Traditional Braces?

While orthodontic therapy might seem straightforward, it is anything but; dentists have spent years coming up with treatment strategies to improve their patients quality of life and perfect their smiles. When the Invisalign was introduced in 1997, braces were already in use – and were doing their job pretty well.

Understandably, Invisalign is more aesthetically pleasing. However, they have a limited range of motion and can not be employed where major corrections are needed.

    How to Make the Most Use Out of Invisalign?

    In order to make the most use out of your clear aligners, your dentist needs to examine your case very thoroughly. This includes:

    • Thorough history taking
    • Through visual examination
    • Clear photographs
    • Clear radiographs

    At Pearl Dental, we believe that treatment plans begin with what the patient wants and hopes to achieve. Dream big and we’ll let you know how to get it, what we can do, and reach a mutual decision on what’s necessary and what should be changed.

    Questions about Invisalign?

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