Dentures + Partials

If you think of dentures as something only a small amount of people have or need, think again! About 19% of the entire world population wears some form of dentures. Dentures, and partial dentures, can aid with the appearance and discomfort of missing teeth. Approximately 36 million Americans are missing some or all of their teeth and can benefit from the positive impacts and conveniences provided by a set of well-fitted dentures, which greatly improve the ability to speak, eat, and smile after full or partial tooth loss.

At Pearl Dental Studio, you can rest easy knowing that our professional dental associates will take care to fit your choice of dentures perfectly. Make an appointment and get the healthy, long-lasting smile you’ve been waiting for!

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are a full replacement for missing teeth, custom-fitted to each patient and designed for removal when not in use. A denture can replace anywhere from one tooth to all sixteen teeth in an arch. There are several types of dentures, based on the number of teeth being replaced and the materials used to fabricate them. Using naturally-colored material for both teeth and gum sections, they seamlessly recreate the appearance and functions of a row of genuine, healthy teeth. Dentures can be fitted for the whole mouth, or the upper or lower jaw separately. Most modern dentures are constructed from high-grade dental acrylic resin, a strong, durable material used in many dental procedures requiring the toughness and appearance of natural teeth and trusted by dentists around the world.

Pearl Dental Studio offers both full and partial dentures for all patients experiencing minor or total tooth loss. Our dental associates take the utmost care in fitting and constructing dentures that suit our patients’ comfort, needs, and tastes. From the functions of everyday use to your preference in general appearance, we provide the options that fit your lifestyle! Call us today and see how our dentures can improve your life!

The Difference Between Full and Partial Dentures

Full Dentures

Seamlessly replaces a full row of missing teeth, placed directly on the gums.

Partial Dentures

Replaces multiple, but not all, missing teeth on the upper or lower jaw. Similar to bridges.

Are Dentures Uncomfortable?

While actually wearing and getting used to the routine of denture wear and care is an adjustment, modern, well-fitted dentures have proven to be perfectly comfortable in long-term use and very effective at easing discomfort caused by eating or speaking with multiple missing teeth.

    How Do I Take Care of Dentures?

    • Place your dentures in warm, but not hot, water when not in use
    • Use denture cleanser solutions only when cleaning dentures with no metal pieces
    • Like teeth, dentures also need to be brushed! Use a non-abrasive cleanser to brush your dentures and rinse thoroughly before use

    How Long Do Dentures Take?

    The process of fitting and manufacturing dentures varies from person to person, taking as little as three weeks or as long as several months.

    We recommend making an appointment and having the condition of your circumstances evaluated by a professional to estimate a timeline for denture manufacturing. Call Pearl Dental Studio today to make an appointment and see one of our dental professionals!

    Questions about full or partial dentures?

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